What is Botulinum Toxin?

Botox Injections are the most popular treatment administered by physicians around the world, as it is administered in more than 3 million treatments per year. Botox Injections cause a noticeable improvement, and it has been the one of the most successful cosmetic procedures performed around the world; the people have been very satisfied with it. It is completely safe and it improves the skin in a way that would look natural and very pleasant to the eye. Botox treatment is useful for treating

- Wrinkles and
- Facial Creases.
- Fine lines
- Crows feet

Botox treatment can be used for cosmetic purposes, it smoothes out wrinkles and facial lines form between the eyebrows, on the forehead, and around the eyes. It leaves smoother appearance on the skin by relaxing the muscles in the area where it is injected.

Botox treatment demands expert hands, safe and clean equipment, best hygienic environment for best results.

How is the procedure done?

Injections of botulinum toxin may seem like a simple procedure to you, since it’s just a few shots. But it’s actually both an art and science that only an experienced healthcare professional should do. A very thin needle is used to inject small amounts of botox into specific muscles. By carefully choosing specific muscles,we weaken only the wrinkle-producing muscles, preserving your natural facial expressions. The number of injections you need will depend on your facial features and the extent of your wrinkles. Crow’s feet, for example, usually demand two to three injections. Furrows above your brow could take five or more.

Recovering after Botox Treatment

Since there is no anaesthesia required you may resume normal activities immediately. One important thing to be kept in mind after the treatment- Don’t rub or massage the treated areas after the wrinkle treatment because it can cause the botulinum toxin to migrate to another area of your face.
The effects of botox lasts from three to four months.

Which areas can botox treat?

- Forehead lines
- Crows feet
- Frowning
- Brow lifting
- Eyebrow shaping
- Gummy smile
- Dimpled chin
- Facial reshaping
- Marrionette lines
- Turkey neck
- Bulky Masseter muscle
- Excessive sweating in hand &Axilla
- Muscles Spasm
- Blepharospasm & involuntary ticks