Also called soft-tissue fillers, dermal fillers, soft-tissue augmentation.

As time passes our skin shows the natural, inevitable signs of aging – wrinkles and sagging. The fat compartments of our face also lose volume and deflate resulting in an aged facial shape and contour.

But you can counteract those effects with several non-surgical cosmetic procedures available at our cosmetic surgery practice, including injectable fillers  to contour and smooth wrinkles, lines and hollow areas in the face and to augment the lips or cheeks for a younger, fuller appearance. The key is to be subtle. “Over-inflation is never natural.” Many times, these agents can be used in conjunction with surgical procedures or BOTOX  to enhance their effects in shaping the face.

How is the procedure done?

Fillers are injected directly in the area of concern through tiny needles. Sometimes an anaesthetic can be administered to prevent discomfort. The effects are visible immediately but local swelling lasts for about 24 hours. If there is some bruising, it fades away quickly. The improvement in Facial appearance lasts six to twelve months with hyaluronic acid, lesser with collagen and much longer with synthetic microspheres.

Recovering after Facial Fillers

Facial Fillers do not require admission and is always done in an OPD setting. There is no need to take a leave from the job and you can resume your responsibilities immediately after the injection. Try applying ice over the area if bruising is noticed, it helps to alleviate pain