Hymenoplasty is a surgical process of tightening the outer edges of the vagina by reconstructing the hymen tissue. Since the hymen is present along the vaginal entrance, hymenoplasty is often sought as a part of treating vaginal damage caused during accidental falls, heavy weightlifting and other scenarios wherein the hymen’s structural stability has been compromised. Hymenoplasty is reputed to be largely safe with negligible risks.

The hymen is a thin membrane of tissue, typically in the shape of a crescent, that partially surrounds the bottom of the external opening of the vagina. In some women, the hymen only partially covers the opening, while in others, it almost completely obscures the opening. Some women are even born with no hymen at all. Contrary to popular belief, the hymen does not “break” or “tear,” but is merely stretched by everyday activities including, but not limited to tampon use, walking, and yes, sexual intercourse.

However, because women in some cultures believe an intact hymen to be a sign of virtue, many of them seek out hymenoplasty to restore the hymen to its original state. Other women have this procedure simply for personal reasons, to enhance their intimate area, sometimes with other procedures such as labiaplasty or vaginal tightening.

Hymenoplasty can be a sensitive subject for many women. Rest assured that the AG Clinic staff respects and strives to protect your privacy, and keeps all details of this—and any procedure you have at our clinic—strictly confidential.

Procedure for Hymenoplasty

Hymenoplasty is a simple and effective cosmetic procedure in which one can easily restore the hymenal ring surrounding the vagina with minimal risks to the patient.

With the process of srwing the teared hymenal tissue with the dissolvable stitches, the new hymen is reconstructed with complete credibility.

Depending on person to person, the hymenoplasty procedure may vary from 30 to 45 minutes with at least a time period of feasible days.

In order to undergo the procedure the only thing that needs to be checked is that the surgery is getting carried on a patient who is healthy and having a ruptured hymen. Furthermore, the woman should not be suffering from diabetes or any kind of heart ailments that can affect the body of the person. The procedure is a simple one with less of stress to the body and is quite a considerable one for getting the structuring of the hymen.

When is the treatment done?

Usually, women seek hymenoplasty for cultural and religious reasons. In some cases, the girl would have lost her hymen due to non-sexual activities, but yet again due to the religious or social norms, they find it imperative to repair the hymen.

The suitable candidates are –

Those who have ruptured their hymen due to sex or other activities

Those who are above 18 years of age

Women who are healthy and don’t suffer from any serious illnesses

A gynecological exam is also necessary to determine if your hymen can be restored or not.